A rich selection of amethyst, garnets and ruby gemstones together with organic sterling silver design stimulates the senses, embracing the evocative stretching moorland landscape, iron age hillforts and ancient history. The Clwydian range is an unmistakable chain of purple heather-clad summits, beyond the windswept Horseshoe Pass are breathtaking views into infinity which create the inspiration for special sterling silver jewellery handmade for you in the hills of North Wales.

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Pink Sapphire Sterling Silver Necklace, Gold Accent Leaves, Heart
Stunning faceted cut 10mm x 7mm inverted pear drop pink Sapphire (lab) gemstone, hand set in a uniqu..
Price: £79.95
Pink Sapphire & White Moonstone Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings, Handmade Birthstone Earrings
Stunning faceted cut 8mm x 6mm pear drop pink Sapphire (lab) gemstone, complimented by two 7mm x 4mm..
Price: £59.95
Handmade Ethiopian Opal and Amethyst Sterling Silver Stud Drop Earrings
Delightful and colourful 8mm x 6mm oval drop shape natural Ethiopian Welo Opal with lovely iridescen..
Price: £59.95
Bespoke Amethyst Gemstone Sterling Silver Unique Necklace
Stunning faceted cut two 5mm x 3mm inverted pear drop and 8mm x 6mm pear drop purple Amethyst semi-p..
Price: £59.95
Alexandrite Round Purple to Pink Sterling Silver Necklace
Stunning faceted cut 13mm x 13mm Alexandrite(lab) gemstone that changes from Purple to Pink dependin..
Price: £59.95
Handmade Opal and Amethyst Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
Delightful and colourful 3mm round Opal with lovely iridescent colour complemented by 14mm x 10mm pe..
Price: £46.95
Alexandrite Pear Drop & Moonstone Pear Drop Gemstone Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
Beautiful faceted cut 7mm x 5mm pear drop green to purple Alexandrite (lab) gemstone, complimented b..
Price: £46.95
Rose Quartz & Pink Sapphire  Gemstone Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
Graceful 10mm x 8mm oval Rose Quartz gemstone, complimented by 6mm x 4mm marquise Pink Sapphire (lab..
Price: £39.95
Garnet Round Unique Design Sterling Silver Earrings
Wonderful 9mm x 9mm round red Garnet semi-precious gemstones. These gemstones are hand set in a uniq..
Price: £39.95
Amethyst & Cubic Zirconia Gemstone Sterling Silver Earrings
Stunning faceted cut sparkling 4mm x 4mm round Cubic Zirconia (lab) gemstones, complimented by beaut..
Price: £36.95
Rose Quartz & Light Blue Opal Gemstone Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
Graceful 9mm x 9mm round natural Rose Quartz semi-precious gemstones complimented by 6mm x 4mm oval ..
Price: £34.95
Handmade Faceted Amethyst Gemstone Sterling Silver Earrings
Beautiful faceted 9mm x 7mm Oval Deep purple Amethyst Gemstones hand set in a deep sterling silver b..
Price: £29.95
Moonglow Topaz Gemstone Sterling Silver Handmade Stud Earrings
Beautifully faceted cut 9mm x 7mm oval Moonglow Topaz gemstone hand set in sterling silver studded b..
Price: £24.95